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Hi and thanks for visiting. My name is Aneesh Chatterjee and I am pleased to announce my first novel – Requiem of Supremacy.

Usually at this point, new authors will provide you with a sample from the book. I would like to try something a little bit different. My book features an alternative world order set in the near future and the power struggle between three principle characters – a man with good intentions that allows power to absolutely corrupt him (Nale), a deep thinking young detective (Rome) and an innocent 15 year old girl (Lily) who becomes enmeshed in the battles and is out for revenge.

But what follows, you won’t find in the book. However I hope that it will give you a flavor and will encourage you want to read more:

Year: 2025

‘Our Monarchy has been destroyed by overseas agents, in an attempt to weaken our political structure and spread their jurisdiction. Enemies refused communication. The European League takes this as an act of terrorism against Britain, and therefore, we hereby declare war upon the United States of America.’

The date was May 11th, when the European League, along with several Commonwealth Nations, declared war on the US. The King and Queen of England, who were the last remnants of a crumbling monarchy, were assassinated by spies who, upon being watched on surveillance footage, captured and questioned, turned out to be US Americans. The United States were bordering a very thin line between war and peace with the ever-growing RX organization. When word came that the European League wanted answers and confirmations, the U.S. President waved it aside as a matter to be dealt with later; he and his country were currently being shadowed by Nale’s RX regime, which had already spread through most of South Asia and all Russia. Nale had ordered the killings of the Royal couple, but asked his men to masquerade as American government agents.

This one move had sparked an avalanche that grew by the day. Nale knew this would create the perfect opportunity to occupy the European League and the United States, the two most powerful political leaders on earth at the time (excluding the RX organization). When the declaration for war came, Nale and his group humbly stepped into the shadows to let the calamity grow.

On May 20th, the EL sent night invasions to all U.S. military bases in Boston, causing serious damage to the unprepared air forces. The President of the States was first baffled, then enraged. He demanded explanation from the EL, but Europe refused communication, furious and determined to squash the Americans permanently. On May 25th, the United States launched their remaining air forces to invade Britain, the EL’s leading nation. British radar alerted the officials, and what ensued was the beginning of the largest air battle in the history of war.

The British forces were half-crushed by American technology. Britain sent SOS signals to the EL, who retaliated with forces from France and Germany. With two new countries in the war, American forces were ripped to shreds and the survivors retreated.

The EL sent messages to the remaining Commonwealth nations: Australia, New Zealand and Canada. They were aware of the alliance between the United States, Japan, Egypt and Brazil. Although the last two had mediocre military power at the time, they were highly formidable when combined. The United States alerted their allies of Europe’s unexplained aggression, and all of them agreed to take part. The world’s neutral countries, such as Sweden, remained silent. The only other enemies the two sides had to worry about were the RX-occupied powers.

Nale was confronted by his best friend, Joseph, concerning the possibility of a third World War. Nale did not reveal his true plan, but assured a baffled and angry Joseph that he would not allow that to happen – not in a million years. He had sparked this war, and he promised he would end it.

While Nale’s true intentions remained a mystery, one thing was certain: if this conflict escalated to the level of a World War, nuclear weaponry would wipe out humanity. The concept of a nuclear war was dawning on the conflicting powers as well and doubts had seeped into both sides. However, the EL was determined not to use nuclear power; it would violate the global law passed by the UN. The States were also aware of the law that banned nuclear weapons from any possible warfare, if it ever happened. The law had been accepted unanimously by all major nations. Even now, with the EL and the American Alliance at war, no one was prepared to break the law. And this determination of theirs gave Nale an even stronger base to ensue his plan would be a success.

On June 6th, Egyptian and Brazilian forces attacked Italy from the south. The United States invaded Spain, while Japan went for Germany. The EL was cornered from three sides, but they had two major players unharmed: Britain and France.

The Japanese forces eradicated the first three lines of German air defence. French forces immediately flew across Germany to the eastern border, but by the time they had arrived, most of the German forces had been crushed. The Japanese forces were weakened from their battle with the Germans, and called for reinforcement. It was then, for the first time, when the Axis Vessel, or AV, was introduced in war. A gigantic hovering aircraft, the Japanese AV immediately sent new military airships down to where the battle had taken place. The battered airships returned to the AV, where the ships were repaired and the wounded soldiers were treated. The AV was protected by an energy shield, the first of its kind in history.

With the AV’s reinforcements, Japan ploughed through the French forces. Half of the French army was down and the German army was now completely destroyed. France held back its remaining forces, in fear that the Japanese Axis Vessel would destroy them as well. Japan advanced quickly across Europe and reached the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, where another battle was raging.

The United States were not as successful as the Japanese. They did not have an Axis Vessel, and although Spain’s defences were crippled, British forces pounced on American aircraft. But the Japanese came to their aid and the course of the battle changed rapidly.

The remaining French army flew to the Bay of Biscay, having finally mustered the resolve to face the Japanese. Nale felt that this battle was turning into a bitter stalemate.

The news spread across the next morning: both sides had retreated until further notice. Nale knew that this pause was the perfect opportunity. He sent a message to the US saying that if the American Alliance allowed the RX to join and become a major player, the EL would be crushed. There were, according to Nale, no strings attached. The US disagreed at first but then the President reconsidered. The RX forces were huge in numbers, and no doubt well trained; if they joined the American Alliance, the United States would become unstoppable. The President made a deal with Nale; they would be allowed to become a participant for this war, but when it was over, they would become a sideline member. Nale agreed.

Then Nale turned to the battered EL. Hiding the fact that he was with the States now, he extended the same offer to them: let the RX join you, and the United States will be crushed.

Although the Commonwealth countries had only acted as resource-providers and emergency landing sites, the EL knew they were strong. However, having the RX on their side was a different matter; this would make them unbeatable. The EL knew it would become easy to win the war and spread their empire at the same time. They accepted Nale as a permanent member.

With half of his plan successfully accomplished, Nale went back to the Americans and provided them with false intelligence and convincing, forged evidence that the EL was planning to attack the US with a nuclear missile. Nale said that if the RX could become a permanent member of the AA, his forces could be conducted with better control concerning this war. After overcoming the shock of the nuclear weapon, the US President reluctantly agreed.

Nale had snuck his way into both sides of the war while creating no suspicion. Using false threats and promises, he used his unmatchable talent of lying to take his organization to the top of both the AA and the EL, both sides still unaware that the RX was with their enemies. On July 30th, he announced that the war would end. The RX correspondents from both sides informed each other of a truce from their end. That was the time when the AA and the EL both realised, with surges of horror, that they had unknowingly slipped under Nale’s control. The war had ended, the RX stopped the secret double-agent drama and came out in the open to announce their dominance over both of the powers. The United States, the EL, as well as all of the allies stood in dismay; they were battle-weary, broken, and could not rise against Nale without risking a war against Russia and South Asia. Nale’s control spread across the Commonwealth and only Australia was outside RX control, for the Australian government had pleaded with Nale to leave their freedom and had signed a treaty saying that they would not rise against the RX. Nale accepted their offer and allowed them to be neutral.

That night, Nale stared into the depths of his mind, knowing, with a brilliant surge of victory, that he was nearing the final step to establish his single, global government.


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  1. teestu says:

    its great that at last this once very lazy boy really completed his novel. am greatly excited and will definitely go through the book
    and also i must tell Mr Chatterjee that all of his classmates are extremely proud of him

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  3. santosh magazine says:

    Yes Aneesh,I WANT TO READ MORE!

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